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Three Things to Watch for When Buying a Pre-Owned Vehicle

June 22 2017, The Original Applewood Motors

Three Things to Watch for When Buying a Pre-Owned Vehicle
Buying a pre-owned vehicle can be a stressful experience.

The manufacturer’s warranty is already underway, and it’s very difficult to know how a particular vehicle has been driven and cared for by its previous owner. In other words, it’s hard to have complete confidence in a used car that may interest you. That said, by watching out for the following three things, you will have a better idea of the quality and reliability of the pre-owned model that interests you.

Vehicle History Report

You should always check the vehicle history report for any pre-owned vehicle you are thinking of buying. Offered for a nominal fee and sometimes free, the vehicle history report like the one prepared by CarProof lets you go back in time and see how a particular pre-owned model was serviced and if there were any incidents that could compromise its quality.

For example, the CarProof report will notify you of any accidents that occurred or if the vehicle was ever flooded. You never want to buy a pre-owned vehicle without first making sure it was properly maintained and that it hasn’t had any accidents or other incidents that were not addressed or repaired correctly.

Vehicle Inspection Report

The vehicle history report tells you what happened in the past, but the vehicle inspection report tells you what is happening now. You want any pre-owned vehicle to have been properly inspected before you think about buying it, and whatever comes up in the multi-point inspection needs to have been fixed professionally.

Its Reputation for Reliability

Some vehicles are just more reliable than others. Even if a vehicle has been perfectly maintained and serviced, and was driven by an old lady who never took it out in the rain, it can have problems because it simply isn’t as reliable as other vehicles. It’s fairly easy to determine if a given vehicle is reliable or not. Go online and check what experts are saying about it and have a look at owner forums who will give you an inside look into what it’s like to own a particular model. Moreover, there are several pre-owned vehicle guides that are available on the market.

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